Thursday, October 12, 2017

All Lives Matter?

Imagine you are out to dinner at a nice restaurant, and you are enjoying your filet mignon when a large piece of meat becomes lodged in your throat. You begin to choke. Your face begins to turn blue. The waiter is passing by and you point to your throat and mouth the words, "I need to breathe."

The waiter looks at you and says, "All people need to breathe" and continues toward the kitchen.

The waiter is 100% correct, of course, but he is not addressing YOUR issue. He's telling you that you HAVE NO ISSUE. But you think you do, don't you?

This is the same thing as saying "All lives matter." All lives do matter, and black lives matter, too! When someone says "All lives matter" they are simply blowing off people who believe they are subject to social injustices. Would YOU be mad?