Tuesday, December 06, 2016

The War On Hillary

In my previous post I suggested that the untrustworthiness meme was a hurdle that Hillary Clinton could not get over. Her only hope was to go around. More on going around later.

I didn't know this until I watched the Frontline documentary, The Choice 2016, but Hillary Clinton had made a name for herself nationally on the day she graduated from Wellesley College in 1969. At the request of her fellow graduating seniors, she became the first student speaker at a commencement in the history of the college. The national exposure came from the fact that her speech contained an extemporaneous in your face rebuke to the Massachucetts Senator whose commencement address preceded hers. Senator Brooke had criticized the student activism occurring at the time, and Clinton told him where to put his criticism. It made the papers.

Hillary Clinton had, as they say, sharp elbows. From Wellesley she went to Yale Law School where she was classmates with Bill Clinton and Robert Reich. One of her first jobs as an attorney was in Washington, DC, working for the House Judiciary Committee on the impeachment of Richard Nixon. During the 2016 Presidential Election cycle there were suggestions in some news sources and of course in social media that Clinton had been fired from the committee for unethical behavior. This was according to a Republican who had been an associate on the committee who claimed he himself had fired her. The fact is that this person had no authority to fire her, and her job, like those of most of the members of the committee's investigative team, ended with the resignation of the president. More information can be found here: https://www.cato.org/blog/was-hillary-clinton-fired-nixon-impeachment-inquiry

This was apparently the opening skirmish of what might be called "The War on Hillary".

Note: Why am I writing this series now? Because I'm angry that Daffy Duck has been hired to play the role of president instead of Meryl Streep. I need to get some thoughts down "on paper". Call it therapy.


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