Saturday, September 15, 2012

Republican's Fantasyland

From Joe Klein at Time:

I was having a drink with a Republican strategist the other day and he said, “Jon Stewart was right. We’re running a Clint Eastwood campaign, running against a version of Barack Obama that doesn’t exist.”

I first came across this notion of the imaginary Barack Obama when "Will McAvoy", the fictional anchor from The Newsroom, tweeted something akin to "Clint Eastwood angrily attacked an imaginary President Obama. Business as usual for Republicans."

Here is another quote from Klein:
These are not “very liberal” policies. They used to be Republican policies, especially the health care provision and the intelligent use of force overseas against our Al Qaeda enemies. The notion that Barack Obama is anything beyond a moderate liberal is laughable, especially given the wildly right-wing Romney positions on social issues, foreign policy and the aggrandizement of the plutocracy.
When I'm on the blogs that I regularly hang out at, I often scratch my head when I read about how the president is socialist, Marxist, arrogant, failing, incompetent, etc. They, too, are living in a fantasyland.


Anonymous James Pawlak said...

The "Real Obama" is a traitor to the Constitution, our democratically passed laws, Western (The Real) civilization and TRUTH.

6:45 AM, October 25, 2012  
Blogger Jim said...

Care to expound on that a bit? Please provide your specific evidence with links and explain how what this President has done with executive power is different from others.

Otherwise, you are littering my blog.

9:20 AM, October 25, 2012  

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